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Homeschool Next Course
12 week culinary course designed for kids and teens

In this 12 week course we’ll cover a variety of international flavors and cuisine as well as some pastry days!
-hands-on, in-class cooking and tasting!
-step by step recipe book
-pre-measured take-home kits (1 item each week)

August 20th-November 5th
Tuesdays 1:00-2:30 pm

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12 Week Pro-Course
Culinary School at a fraction of the cost!

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January-March 2024, Thursdays 6:30-8:30 pm

Also offering: more classes for Kids and Adults!

12 Week Pro-Course
Culinary School at a fraction of the cost! Learn to cook and bake the things you’ve always wanted to.

Kid’s Classes
Build confidence and kitchen skills!

Adult’s Classes
Gather your family and friends for a fun, educational, & delicious night out.

Priced per class, so gather up to 10 people and split the cost!
(kid’s summer camps & Pro-Course priced separately)

Contact me and we’ll set a date!
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Most of the courses offer pre-measured take-home ingredient kits. A great way to try it out yourself while it’s fresh on your mind and hassle free!
(all take-home ingredients included in pro-course and kids camps)

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