12 Week Pro-Course

Teens & Adults
all skill levels welcome

January-March 2023

Thursdays 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Contact Ashley with questions: 801-362-9823

Enriched Breads

We’ll dive into Sandwich Breads, Round Rolls, and a Brioche Dough with uses for crescent rolls, cinnamon rolls, nutella brioche flowers, and flavored butters.

Hand Crafted Cheeses

This is my favorite course to teach. Beautiful and endlessly creative. We’ll make mozzarella, ricotta, and mascarpone plus deliciously versatile recipes to pair it with.

Artisan & Pre-Fermented Breads

Crispy, bubbly, golden crusts with a crumb that is light, airy, and well-developed.  We’ll get a sourdough going early on in the course to use for this as well as commercial yeast options.


Seafood is amazing when done right.  We’ll learn processes of curing, ceviche, poaching, broiling, sushi and clarify butter. A few dishes include broiled salmon with pistachios, poached white fish with blackberry sauce, crab cakes, and lemon broiled shrimp.

Laminated Doughs

Puff Pastry & Croissants combine many skills we’ve covered to create buttery layers of flaky delicious sides and desserts.  Beautiful too!


We’ll fire up both the brick oven and the oven to cook some authentic Italian pizzas loaded with flavor and a perfectly textured crust.

Pate Choux & Macarons

Pate Choux is surprisingly easy and has an endless variety of fancy and delicious desserts and appetizers- eclairs and gougeres plus custard fillings and ganache. We’ll also make Macarons!

Knife Skills & Salads

Putting the Wustof knives to work we’ll refine your skills for beautiful dishes to be created. Delicious salad combinations!

Custards & Ice Cream

Custard based ice cream, chocolate sorbet, brownies, waffle cones, and all the toppings. 


All the basics of chicken- boning, stocks, brining, marinating, grilling, roasting, and countless uses. Never eat dry, tasteless chicken again!


Batter, baking, leveling, filling, frosting, and simple piping techniques for beautiful, delicious, and flavorful desserts.

Breakfast- Eggs & Sourdough Waffles

Eggs are a staple ingredient with endless potential.  We’ll use it as an emulsifier and binder plus practice techniques of poaching, pan frying, and classic French Omeletes among other uses plus put them together with fluffy crisp sourdough waffles and all the toppings.

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weekly in-class demonstrations & tasting
pre-measured take home ingredients of every recipe
color step-by-step recipe booklet
kitchen scale

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